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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Bulletin!

On September 27 I signed a contract with All Things That Matter Press for the publication of DANCING ON MARS.  I believe ATTM and I are a good fit.  The book will appear in trade paperback and be available for Kindle readers, as well.  Publication is still months away, but I'll keep you posted on progress as production gets under way.   For updates on the publication process and to learn when the book is available (will post as soon as I know) , please visit

For now I will enjoy feeling good about finding a good home for the book.  I'll also be reflecting on your affirmation and support during the past year and a half.  You have helped me get over the finish line, and I'm so grateful. 

Now I'm asking you to share any traditions and/or rituals that enrich your life.   Yes, on to the next project!  Check out the call for submissions on this blog.

May you feel the mellowing of autumn and the easy, focused energy this new season brings.


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